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Behavior-Based Safety

The objectives of this course are 1) to provide detailed knowledge of the principles of behavior-based safety and health and 2) to provide techniques for influencing positive behavior changes. Additionally, the course teaches how behavior is developed and shaped. With this knowledge and provided behavioral-modification techniques, you can plan and implement a behavior-based approach to safety and health, and improve your accident and exposure prevention programs. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

• Understand the concepts of behavior-based safety and health and know the importance on worker actions
• Use these concepts for improving a safety and health program
• Develop an effective approach for implementing behavior-based safety and health
• Reduce the injury costs through an effective behavior-based approach to safety and health
• Decrease worker unsafe actions
• Measure behavior changes in workers
• Provide increased value to your organization for reducting costs and improving profits or usable revenues

• Historical Perspective of Behavior-Based Safety
• Behavior-Based Safety Theory
• The Complexity of Human Nature
• Sensation, Perception and Perceived Risk
• Basic Principles of Behavior-Based Safety
• Defining Behaviors
• Observation Options and Analysis
• Measurement in Behavior-Based Safety
• Selecting Program Parts from the Behavior-Based Safety Tool Box
• Other Behavior-Based Concepts
• Management Issues in Behavior-Based Programs
• Employee Issues in Behavior-Based Programs
• Exercise and Discussions

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