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Comprehensive Review of Industrial Hygiene

This advanced course is designed to provide a five-day
comprehensive review of the entire field of industrial hygiene.

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene’s five year review
and update to the CIH exam occurred in 2009. As
a content-valid examination, its goal is to appropriately
evaluate knowledge and skills of occupational hygienists.
Therefore, a course designed around the content
domains of the ABIH is logically the basis for an excellent
comprehensive review of the

The RMCOEH was the first to develop a course of this type
- copied by many/duplicated by none. Significant effort isinvested by faculty to maintain its relevance and quality.The majority of faculty
are Certified Industrial Hygienists and therefore understand content appropriate depth and breadth of materials. Because of the continual pursuit for the highest quality, the course and its presenters continue to be acclaimed. The course is often attended by professionals from around the globe.

The course uses daily quizzes, lectures, and problem

solving sessions. Materials are designed to review critical
content areas and cover the eight content domains identified
by ABIH’s Job Analysis working group.

- Basic Sciences
- Occupational Disease, Illness, Injury and Surveillance
- Health Hazards
- Work Environments
- Program Management Principles
- Evaluation Practices
- Hazard Controls
- Community Stressors

Beginning in 2010, ABIH required exam applicants to
complete at least two hours of coursework in ethics.
This course provides a two hour section on ethics.

Optional study group using computer-based

Datachem software on
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings

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