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Environmental Management in the 21st Century

The objective of this course is to provide different perspectives of what environmental management will look like in the new century. The course stresses that excellence in environmental management in the 21st Century will not merely be an extension of what was successful in the last 20th Century. With these perspectives, enrollees will be better positioned to assume a leadership role in environmental management and to move their programs and organization toward success. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

• Understand the transformation of environmental management from the 20th to the 21st Century
• Learn the different formula for success that will emerge early in the new Century
• Be able to develop more productive and synergistic environmental strategies
• Reduce risks of taking traditional perspectives forward
• Reduce future frustrations and ineffectiveness associated with following traditional environmental management
• Save money and provide increased value to the organization

• Learning from History
• EPA and OSHA in the 21st Century
• SEC and Public Issues in the 21st Century
• Major Innovative Strategies of the 21st Century
• Benchmarking in the 21st Century
• Building Blocks for Improving 21st Century Management
• Environmental Auditing in the 21st Century
• Communication in 21st Century Environmental Management
• ISO 14000 in the 21st Century
• Environmental Management Tools for the 21st Century

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