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Environmental Management Strategies

The objectives of this course are to provide a knowledge of what environmental management is and to provide proven approaches for building successful strategies. The course stresses that excellence in environmental management is not automatic or driven totally by regulatory urgency, but that successful approaches can be learned and practiced. With this knowledge and provided strategies and management concepts, you can enhance any environmental, safety and health program and move your organization toward success. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

• Understand the concepts of environmental management
• Learn and implement successful strategies in their environmental, health, and safety and program
• Develop more productive and synergistic environmental strategies
• Increase the success of their environmental program
• Reduce frustrations and ineffectiveness normally associated with traditional environmental management practice
• Be more effective working for environmental excellence
• Save money and provide increased value to their organization

• Environmental Leadership
• The Role of Upper Management
• The First Strategy: Environmental Auditing
• Applying the Strategy of Goal Setting and Measurement
• Linking Environmental and Business Strategy
• How Might Environmental Accounting be Applied?
• How Do Environmental Issues Determine Strategy?
• Environmental Management Systems
• Technology and MIS in Environmental Strategy
• Public Influence in Environmental Strategy
• Responding to Stakeholders
• Public Disclosure and Strategy

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