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Successful Safety, Health and Environmental Project Management

The objectives of this course are 1) to provide detailed knowledge of project management and 2) to provide successful strategies and tools for managing simple and complex projects. Additionally, upon completion of this course, the student will be able to :

• Understand what a project is and why successful management of projects is critical to successful organizations
• Know what skills you have and need to develop in order to improve your project management abilities
• Be able to pilot organization-wide project management campaigns for improving your organization's
   project management efforts
• Know how to effectively get management support and approvals for projects
• Know how to manage a project's time schedule and assure on-time completion
• Use process mapping and vertical project breakdowns to effectively see and manage projects
• Understand key resource communication and deployment strategies

• An Overview of Project Management
   >Aspects of a project
   >Estimating project duration
• Project Management Standardization in an Organization
• Project Management - Phase I: Concept and Approvals
• Project Management - Phase II: Planning & Analysis
• Project Management - Phase III: Project Implementation
• Project Management Tools
   > Options
   > Computerized project management tools
   > Paper-based project management tools
• Participant Project Management Application
   > Process for successful project management
   > Key skills inventory
• Skills for Success

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